Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tear Jerkers Elk Neck State Park Gathering

I'd like you to meet some of my new friends!

Jeremy and I just got back from our first Tear Jerkers gathering and, boy, did we have a good time :) We met tons of wonderful people, ate some amazing food, listened to great stories, and got some fresh building inspiration. I wanted to share some pictures from the weekend. Thanks also go to Ken, Zach, and Wayne for some of these great photos!

Chapter Banner

The weekend's mascot

Ken and Susan so graciously lent us their extra trailer so I made this Thank You gift for them. I cross stitched their Serro Scotty Highlander (both sides) and filled it with dried lavendar from our garden. A true Kate + Ice Cream original!

Here's their trailer...

Here is the trailer that they lent to us - a 1973 AMF Skamper aka the Wiener Wagon :)

Our Campsite

Here are some of the other Tear Jerkers' trailers:

Besides the trailer crawl, a group of us went for a paddle.

Some people went to the Turkey Point lighthouse...

On Saturday night we had a potluck dinner. Jeremy and I made campfire cakes which are basically individual servings of yellow cake cooked inside hollowed out oranges. Soooo delicious!

Awards were also given out on Saturday night...

Best Spam Carving - Sam Samson
Founder's Award - Orville Mooney
Special Guests

Flamingo Queen
I'll end with a few random fun pictures from the weekend.

What a blast! I can't wait until the next party... October 22-24, Pocomoke River State Park.


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